Old Skool Brainteasers

One of the things which has kept my friends and family sane in 2020 has been brainteasers and challenges. This one was recently found in a filofax and must be at least 10 years old. If you know where it came from let me know and I’ll credit it.

So the following is a list of clues to underground stations. How many can you get?

Letter to the Corinthians

Longest reign 

Anybody for tennis 

Seven husband’s for 

In the hop’s county 

New street for 

Egg Shaped 

Pillar of stone 

Timber ashes 

Arms dump 

Up the wrong tree 

H20 for aromatic leaves 

Over the eyes 

Bigger than big 

Botanical line 

A messenger from above 

Is falling down 

Clerical Envy 

Off with his head 

Please cross here sir 

Women’s lib ends here 

Alpine Hut 

Channel Crossing for many (unless you use the tunnel)

Young Tree 

Irate Monarch 

Chinese Pig 

Dagenham Choice 

Napoleon’s Finale 

Royal Judgement 

Sea defence 

Another name for the mall perhaps?

1760 yards and stop 
Bonus Questions (Clue… these stations no longer exist ) 

England Expects 

Entrance to a Croydon store or tree

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