Old Skool Brainteaser Answers

Answers to the original quiz are as follows:

Letter to the Corinthians

Answer: St Paul’s

Longest reign 

Answer: Victoria

Anybody for tennis 

Answer: Wimbledon

Seven husband’s for 

Answer: Seven Sisters

In the hop’s county 

Answer: Kentish Town

New street for 

Answer: Old Street

Egg Shaped 

Answer: Oval

Pillar of stone 

Answer: Monument

Timber ashes 

Answer: Burnt Oak

Arms dump 

Answer: Arsenal

Up the wrong tree 

Answer: Barking

H20 for aromatic leaves 

Answer: Bayswater

On your head

Answer: Barnet

Bigger than big 

Answer: Wapping

Botanical line 

Answer: Kew

A messenger from above 

Answer: Angel

Is falling down 

Answer: London Bridge

Clerical Envy 

Answer: Parson’s Green

Off with his head 

Answer: Tower Hill

Please cross here sir 

Answer: Knightsbridge

Women’s lib ends here 

Answer: Holloway

Alpine Hut 

Answer: Swiss Cottage

Channel Crossing for many (unless you use the tunnel) :

Answer: Turnham Green

Young Tree 

Answer: Wood Green

Irate Monarch 

Answer: King’s Cross

Chinese Pig 

Answer: East Ham

Dagenham Choice 

Answer: Watford

Napoleon’s Finale 

Answer: Waterloo

Royal Judgement 

Answer: Earls Court

Sea defence 

Answer: Shoreditch

Another name for the mall perhaps?

Answer: Queensway

1760 yards and stop 

Answer: Mile End

Bonus Questions (Clue… these stations no longer exist ) 

England Expects 

Answer: Trafalgar Square

Entrance to a Croydon store or tree

Answer: Alder’s Gate

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