To glorious summers

I want to go back
To those glorious summers of you
Carefree cigarettes
In sunny beer gardens
Over cheap house red
Careless words exchanged
Signalling nothing
But the joy of fruitless conversation
As we felt each other out with words
And ideas
And stories
To while away all the time
In the world

Followed by car trips

Dripping with anticipation

To dance intense

With other ecstatic seekers

Body paint running down our backs

As blue light brings out the yellow-white-red joy

And hot hands pull hot bodies in

To the group

As we hit our groove

Blindly barreling our way

Towards unfettered me-and-euphoria

Now that seems
No more than foolish dreams
A bearable lightness of being
Which now we’d deem
Oblivious to the signs of the times
No redo in twenty twenty two
For those who wasted those glorious summers
And spend the fall
Pining for what cannot be again

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