To glorious summers

I want to go backTo those glorious summers of youCarefree cigarettesIn sunny beer gardensOver cheap house redCareless words exchangedSignalling nothingBut the joy of fruitless conversationAs we felt each other out with wordsAnd ideasAnd storiesTo while away all the timeIn the world Followed by car trips Dripping with anticipation To dance intense With other ecstatic seekers…

Trying On

I find myself trying on for size All the lives I never had Discarding fame or motherhood here Laying artistry or isolation there On the pile On the bed Draping the loss of the never-known Over chairs and on the door Past loves are examined then stacked in a corner Next to the no’s and…

29 Plays Later – Day 4 – Play 4 – MÁTHĒMA

This is deeply weird… And no idea where this came from… My id has a lot to answer for… Also copying and pasting. Formatting is getting weirder but too tired to correct it.   lFx FAde up: SCENE 1 – The Library of alexandria Palladas and Hypatia are in discourse in the Library of Alexandra….

29 Plays Later – Day 3 – Play 3 – SADIE

LIGHTS – Nothing fancy just ordinary house lights: Sadie, 33. She’s nothing if not high energy. Stand infront of a PowerPoint presentation. It’s in stark contrast to Sadie; black navy and white, Mackerith Einsenhower Neuman logos and spiky line charts. Sadie also has her laptop on stage. It’s covered in bright, colourful stickers. SADIE Hi….

29 Plays Later. Day 1. Play 1. Heart Strings.

First Movement.   A piece of string lies across the width of the stage.   Mae and Victor walk on from opposite sides of the stage. The string runs directly from Victor’s heart to Mae’s.   Mae has her head in a book, as well as a pair of gloves. Victor has his hands in…

Story on a train 1: Lamia

The man opposite was largely indifferent to her ample charms. This was rather annoying, as she was pretty sure she was more interesting than the Sudoku in the blasted paper. She licked her lips, pouting out the window at the grey sky and Battersea Dog’s Home as it flew past. That stench. It followed her….