Rude Words

graffitti-1024187_1920I used the terms ‘shit-biscuit’ and ‘fuck a duck’ a lot in my formative year. In the same but opposite way as I tend to say that everything is ‘awesome’ now*. In my short stint in teaching, I worked these expletives down to single innocuous expressions. Regularly you’d hear me shout ‘duck’ as a child dropped a table on my foot or ‘biscuit’ as an errant piece of school play scenery flew towards my nose. Eventually the kids worked it out. The jig was up. I walked through the playground at lunchtime to everyone cussing water fowl. It takes a fourteen year old, privately educated girl to make ‘mallard’ or ‘bourbonstion’ a swear word. Kent was swept by a curse wave of indecipherable slang. Time to get out of teaching.

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