So long summer…

The picnic had taken a turn after the fifth gin and tonic…

Hello friends!


I was going to celebrate my half birthday and guffed the dates completely, so going to celebrate the end of summer instead. At the Barbican Centre on Silk Street from 3pm on Sunday 1st October. If the weather is nice, we can be outdoors by the… water feature. If horrible we can set up camp indoors. Suggest we each contribute something of the usual summer fayre; think tins of gin, strawberry trifle or whatever you can get in a last minute rush at M&S. I will supply cake, fags and probably have a few beers in my backpack.


Let me know if you can make it – would love to see you, your friends and family there. I’m also going to see Different Trains that night, so if anyone fancies coming, let me know and I can save you the booking fee 😉

Big slobbery kisses


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  1. Lyn Mann says:

    What a nice idea. I won’t be there to cramp your style but will be thinking wistfully of Gin and Trifle xxxxx

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