#28PlaysLater : Day 23 – “Equinox” (not to brief)

The Cast



The Play

A park bench on top of Primrose Hill. The night of the autumnal equinox. Susanna is lying on the bench, head tipped up to the stars.


Betty enters. She stands and watches Susanna for a moment. She the walks to the head of the bench and looks down at Susanna.


Susanna pulls herself up to sitting. She slides down the bench, as far away from Betty as she can, while still trying to convey that she is relaxed.


Betty walks around the bench and carefully sits down. She looks at Susanna. Then the sky.


Betty: So… I… D’you know which one’s Capricornus?

Susanna: Sorry.

Betty: It’s that one ov’r there. Or it would be… If you could see fer all the light.

Susanna: Right.

Betty: O’ course Fomalhaut is the only star o’ any magnitude to appear in Autum’…


Betty: Vega, Altair an’ Deneb are still aroun’ bu’ then they’re the Summer Triangle.


Betty: Why d’you live ‘ere?

Susanna: I like it.

Betty: But it’s not… The couny’ry, is it? It’s not… Home-

Susanna: It is now.


Betty: Have ya got any money-

Susanna: What-

Betty: I’ll go if you leave me some money. Jus’ a bit. Things are… Hard. Hard. It’s all a bit…


Susanna: No…


Betty: You make me sick…


Betty: You, with your fancy airs and ways? Posh lon’on friends now, ‘ave we…? Too high to come home…? Where were you? Why… Look at me. LOOK at me. Look at ME. Now, where ‘ave you bin? Tell me. Tell me-

Susanna: Tell you?

Betty: Aye.

Susanna: Aye? (Laughs) Why-

Betty: Cos you’re-

Susanna: Am I now –

Betty: I says so-

Susanna: So-

Betty: Tell me-

Susanna: No-

Betty: TELL ME-

Susanna: Hit me…

Beat. Betty hits Susanna. Pause.

Susanna: And you want to know-

Betty: Yes…


Susanna: Fuck. Off.

Betty: I-

Susanna: Never come near me again…


Betty: But I love you…


Betty: Do you ‘ear me? I said I love you… Now why can’t you come ‘ome?


Betty: You don’t know what it’s like anymore. I imagine me… Just imagine me… In that big, dark lonely ol’ house. I’m all on my own. There’s no ‘lectricity – did you know that? And they came round again. Did I tell you that an’ all? They shot the dog? And the litter? All over the kitchen floor… An’ only me left to pick ‘em up… Wrapping these small, lifeless bodies in newspap’r. An’ they were still warm… I… I thought one was still breathin’ so I tried… But it was too small…


Betty: I crushed its skull…


Betty: Talk to me…


Betty: Talk to me…


Betty: Talk to me…



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