I have never… written a musical…

This is a bit of a cheat.  I have been formulating this for about three years.  I wanted to write a musical while at university, being a fan of the medium.  (People singing their feelings? Yes, please.) 

So, when a couple of years back I started riffing with a group of friends about writing a musical and became stuck on the idea of writing a comedy-horror, I was a bit disappointed that no-one took me seriously.

Then there was Dan… Otherwise known as the most excellent Mr Woods, songster, comedian and man of music.  He liked my ideas and foolishly performed in my reversioning of The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari.  Even then he still wanted to work with me.

About a year ago, we started work and about a year ago, we both got a bit distracted.  Then we decided that we should probably give it another go.  So today I have put together the libretto. So far, at about 3/4 the way to completion, there are 61 pages of light entertainment goodness, and that’s with mucho scenes missing, most of the lyrics and rewrites.  Go me! (Oh, and Dan of course…)

Keep you posted on updates.

Roger Wilco (oh-er).  Over and out.

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