NEW YORK #1- Plane, Pains and Automobiles

The Plane

I would like to say I survived in style but let’s just sticj with survived. Tips for survival for the ‘nervous’ flyer on a long-hall flight:

Wear shoes you can take off… But remeber to put them back on when you go to the toilet. Especially at the end of a flight.

Flights socks are bizarrely reassuring. The tighter they are the better, weirdly.

Something to hug. Virgin kindly supplied pillows. These are supposed to be for resting your head on. I hugged mine pretty much consistently throughout the flight. This is also providing a cover conveniently to visit Disney/Build-a-Bear/ToysRUs. I have a seen a peanut which rather bizarrely appeals. Worst case scenrio there is always the boyfriend. On balance I think I would prefer a Totoro.

Water. Lots and lots of water.

Don’t watch back to back movies. The screens are too small to really appreciate them. Also watching the screen constantly makes you feel a little bit like something out of Clockwork Orange. I recommend sleep instead or wandering aimlessly round the plane if you can manage that.

Under no circumstances ask for the sweet and sour chicken or admit to being vegetarian. Do ask for the chocolate brownie if offered.

After the flight it is apparently normal, if unpleasant, to feel as if you are still on the plane. Good luck with this. It’s vile.

Do expect to be shattered by 7pm NY time, especially on your first day.

When Border Control asks you what the purpose of your visit is, think before answering. Apparently shouting “fun”, even when accompanied by a big grin, is frowned upon.

Top tip: Saraghina. A truly great little Italian and a real find for our first night, especially as we are staying in Brooklyn. I have to say though, it’s possibly even worth a trip out of town for this Buffalo pizza pie with a cold Brooklyn larger and a general air of bonhomie. Remember to take cash with you though as this little gem works on a strictly no card economy.

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