Story for Lucy #6: Meditation

Lay back. Make yourself comfortable. From now on you will hear only my voice. My voice will guide you on a journey to a place of meditative calm where you will find a core light of peace and relaxation. You will find clarity and a renewed sense of self. So if you have this time to devote to you, and only you, lay back and close your eyes.

You can come out of this deep meditative state any time by simply opening your eyes Now follow me. Are you ready. You are bathed in warm yellow sunlight. You are naked except for a bright, white cotton shift. Your face is turned up to the sun. Under your feet you can feel warm, firm, freshly mown grass. You are warm. You are safe. You can hear water. You look down to see a cool clear brook. Fresh running water running over round pebbles. Amid the pebbles is a stone. A large, smooth stone. On it is written the word welcome. This is your garden. You secret garden. Only you are allowed here. You can come here whenever you like. You are surrounded by nature. Drink it in: the sights, the sounds, the smells. The feel of the air on your clean naked skin. The cool breeze on your cheek. You walk across the lawn. You find a hammock. You lay in it. Take in your garden. Breathe deeply. In. Out. In. Out. Continue breathing. You think of a problem which has been nagging at you. It’s in the shape of a cube. You examine the cube. It’s so small. You discard it. You will find it later when you have a clear head and a new calmer perspective. You consider instead how fortunate you are. How tough so many people in the world have it. How you, by your inaction, are allowing bad things to happen to good people. By voting for governments who are at worst corrupt, at best ineffective. You feel your fists clench. Damn it you think how could I be so blind to the plight of others for the sake of preserving a way of living which is both unnatural and harmful how can I continue to stand idly by I cannot I will stand I will fight I will demolish the structure that allow there inequalities to exist i will bear arms against my leader I swear I swear I swear.

You sit on the grass exhausted by this revelation but feeling clean. You lay down feeling the sun enveloping your whole body. In a minute my voice will fade away and you will open your eyes. You will wake and feel only a deep sense of calm. If you wish to explore meditation further then why not consider purchasing our other tapes in the series such as ‘Further into the Garden’ or ‘Deeper Meditations’?

You can now open your eyes. Take a while to orient your self to your environment. Good b…

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