What Would I do in the final hours before a meteor destroyed the earth…?

So a meteor is headed towards Earth, and everyone is running around, screaming, sobbing, doing all the things humans are typically supposed do in a crisis. A stampede of humanity going through the stages of grief en mass, finally expiated by the fact that no amount of call to 911 or the American Government will make a pittance of a difference. I know this because I have seen it in disaster movies. But not even Bruce Willis can help us now.

So what would I do? I like to think that I react differently from the rest of the world. As we all do. Though deep down I know that instinct will override good intentions every time. That said at times of stress I tend to go to a cool, silent place in myself. The world outside myself slows and stills. Sound dissipates into garbled white-noise. I am still and calm and totally clearheaded; logical. I like to think this is how my last day on Earth would be.

I would find the highest place in the city. In London or Tokyo or New York or where ever my life dictated I was at the time. I would look for a hill or a mountain. And I would climb. Get as far above the doomed Earth as I could manage. Despite the vertigo, I would look down. And then I would look out. Towards the city, or countryside or sea, any view afforded to me.

Just look.

And see.

And breathe.

And remember.

I would then ring friends and family, if network allows. Say my goodbyes. Confirm often expressed sentiments with a sincerity I have never before managed.

Then I would find the one person I love or have loved most. I would ask them to come and find me. Where ever they were. Where ever I was. Whatever if took.

Then I would simply go to bed. Ask to be held and sleep.

And hope I would wake up to tomorrow.

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