The Laughing Dalek

Good news, I survived the flight from Marrakech*. Bad news, I have literally lost the TARDIS. DHL have mislaid it in Surrey somewhere. True Fact.

No one wants to be the Silurian at the party. I know Haters gotta Hate, but don’t be  one of them, sad and alone on a Friday night, with no-one but you’re stone cold Ice Warrior heart for company.

On the eve of the 50th Anniversary episode of Doctor Who, we bring you a FREE night of Wholarity, fit to make a Cyberman burst!

Featuring the inimitable talents of:

  • JQ
  • Kevin Smith
  • Will Porter
  • Peter Dillon-Trenchard
  • Miranda Dawe
  • John Pendal
  • Tez ilyas
  • Richard Sandling
  • Andy Holloway
  • Plus Special Guests (hopefully)

And your hosts for the night, Sarah Mann, Time Lord, and Richard Wright, “Worst Assistant Ever” BBC Executive Producer.

Starts at 8pm at on Friday 22 November 2013.

So come and join us at the Laughing Dalek. We’re all Geeks together, so bring your best Tom Baker costume and come and feel the 50th Anniversary Celebration love. I promise you Jelly Babies. I promise you a Gallifreyan giggle. Only thing I can’t guarantee is that we will actually gather enough trans-dimensional energy to move in time and space. But we’ll have a really good try.

Anyone on Facebook? Come RSVP:

Hopefully see you there!

*Marrakech is lovely by the way. Avoid Airplanes and small children with Gastritis however.

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