The Quiet Place

Having a week lost to being asleep (not as much fun as it sounds), I’ve gone to that quiet place I go to when I have ‘so much to do’ but no time to do it with. Now, anyone who knows me will probably point more casual acquaintances to the big flashing warning sign, which all sociopaths are forced to wear. Not that we are necessarily dangerous – it’s just good to know we’re coming. And yes, I know Sherlock has made it cool to a sociopath. I look forward to Dexter making it ok to be a psychopath. Or has that already happened?

Anyway, back to me and the quiet place. The quiet place is pretty much as described. A sea of placid darkness with bright light above, surprising bright and airy, with pleasant views of abstract nothingness. Actually pretty good. Here I become almost untouchable. I can only assume it’s similar to what I once heard an ex-special forces friends describe as the place he went before he killed. Reassuring.

On the upside, I also become my most impenetrable and focused at these times. As some of you know, I don’t suffer fools and at times like these tact and self-restraint tend to go out the window. Often with amusing results. Though at this point, I thank my lucky stars not to have lost my job in more than one occasion.

But this then means I *callback alert* can redecorate my Mind Palace, while vanquishing foes, fighting dragons and rescuing princes in distress. All metaphorical obviously. So I really should go see to the ‘Jobs List’ – affectionately know as ‘Steve’ – and stop burbling on my blog. Ah, but I do love a good burble.

Anyway, if you’d like to come and watch me have a nervous breakdown on stage, come and see Burgis & Mann on Sunday 9th February!

Tickets FREE and here:

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