Review of a dating site what I wrote and forgot about…

Like wading through turds wearing a wedding dress…

… The wedding dress which you are never going to use, if you are expecting to meet the one on eHarmony. 

The app is actually pretty good. It’s clean and efficient. The notifications are sometimes a bit slow. But then apparently so is the algorithm that makes the matches.

Now I have been on a lot of dating sites, ranging from free and easy to elite and expensive. I generally really like dating and like the ease of making initial contact over the internet. And a lot of the time the niggles with a set up can be placed on annoying, lazy or picky people on the site. Or the fact I’m just a hideous troll, only a mother could love (she adores me by the way. So will your mum. I’m like catnip for mums.)

EHarmony’s problem is that is claims to be scientific. I like this. I like science. It looks at various data points does a comparative calculation. Then eHarmony shits all over that and spews out a loads of deformed and hideous monsters who aren’t even suitable.

I’ll give you an example – 

Don’t be suckered by the advertising. Spend the money on an evening class or going to a singles night with real people at an art gallery or a bar. You’ll have more fun and would be more likely to make a personal connection. And way less likely shouting into the dull, dead eyes of unsuitable eHarmonisers.

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    I really like that …. Brill. M xxxxx

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