The Brain Dump

I am exhausted

She said

As she turned out the contents of her mind into the bog-standard-government-issue-trash-disposal bin

“Hazardous marterials”

I am tired of the fight and the struggle

Of people not caring enough or immobilised by caring too much

Of being being so scared to be honest to-say-what-they-see-what-they-think-and-feel that eventually we all become our own worst terrorists

It is suffocating to stand on a platform and watch the collisions happen over and over again

A whole world derailed in one moment by nothing more than a roll of a dice

And closing your eyes fails to appease the fighting visions news reels past segueing into infomercials for an intolerable future

With no love for fellow human from fellow human with human where is the love

Bulk disounted in a warehouse remainder aisle

Discontinued for profit and loss

Lock her up

F**k her

Make America Great Again

Sleep no more

Shibboleth is murdering sleep

I will sleep no more

I will relinquish myself to the ones-and-zeros bread and circuses tip my hat to the past and ride into the digital frontier


Once her skull was evacuated head and shoulders deep laid waste laid to rest

chemical heart poured double gun-shot wounds of irony and bitterness soul-worn-through

She floated away

A smile and unfocussed eye
A hollow laugh and mortal sigh

Nothing more than a moist cavity breathed

And I wished to my very base I had used my art spoken up delayed the inevitable vacancy grief imparts but I too had dumped my brain and emptied my heart

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