Esme and the Silence

Esme studied the puddle of silence between them / unlike the harmony of the old silences / the discord jangled across her nerves / and shredded her gut-strings / shattering her quiet soul / as it continued to pool around her / the silence  took all the language / drew it into its dark depths / drowned in unsound / Esme began to study the silence/ interpret the noisless murmurings / in order to understand it / Esme decided to study all the silences / every silence humanity had to offer / soon she launched a PHD in silence / monastic hush of library shelves / a mute of intellectual prayer for salience / Esme researched the silence of birth / before the primal scream / the silence of death / when grief has robbed meaning / the silence of thought / or the vacancy therein / silences of dissatisfaction division and sin / the silence of love / adoration beholden / the silence of sleep / the golden hours embolden / she studied the silence of heartbreak / the loudest silence she found / Esme travelled the world in quiet horror / driven to understand the eloquent voids humans construct / never connecting or communicating / Esme had the secrets of translation in a book /  a heavy bound tome of all she knew / all she could teach humanity to understand / not noticing the silent ocean nipping at her own heels / exspanse widening as she forgot those she had left behind / and as they turned their backs on teh silent ocean between them / they in turn left Esme stranded / by the time Esme realised / all was lost / her voice was nothing in the roar of the waves / so she took her paper and pen / and bottles that she found on the streets / when she  ran out of paper / Esme ripped up her work / on each page she penned a note / spidery hand writing on universal bond / ‘I’m sorry’ / Esme sat by the sea and waited / for the tied go out / and the answers to arrive

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