I often find golden nuggets of interest in Refinery29, my go-to for life research and generating a gist of what it means to be female in the 21st Century.

I have also had a bit of a brain wipe in the last few months. Due to the brilliant day job and crappy health, the creative juices have been somewhat drained at the end of the working day, leaving any kind of inspiration in day-books strewn pell-mell around the office. Projects, like monthly resolutions and reviewing all my favourite books, have evaporated in puffs of silvery apathy.

So, thinks my mad tiny mind, why not use one to kickstart the other? To this end, I am going to try to write 29 short stories inspired by things wot I have read on Refinery29. I’m calling it #Unrefined29, largely because anyone who has ever read anything on this blog will know that I can rarely be bothered to edit. Because: busy being fabulous *cough, awkward mumbling*. Either way, excited about this in a way I haven’t been since 29 Plays Later in February. So we shall see what happens.

And there is clearly something in the whisky and water today, because I also have some brain rumblings for comedy. Like, you know, actual stand up material. Like I used to do. So thank you inspiration fairy. (She’s like the tooth fairy but more fickle and rarely results in any kind of fiscal benefit or emotional equity.)

Anyway, Happy Saturday people!

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