#28PlaysLater 2019 | Crowd Control | Day 21





A large black stage with a barrier in front of it.

There are empty plastic glasses and confetti all over the floor.

Ian walks in between the barrier and the stage, holding a bottle of water. He is a tall, burley man, dressed all in black apart from a hi vis jacket. Short cropped hair.

He stand centre of the barrier with his arms crossed. He nods his head, pulls his best “action hero” tough-nut face.

Ian holds his arms up in the air, making the heavy metal hand gesture. He screams silently.

Jasper [off]: Ian!?

Ian: Here Jasper.

Jasper shuffles on with a broom and a caddy full of cleaning equipment. He is the other side of the barrier to Ian. He is a small man, with a distinct air of frailty offset by a mass of long dreadlocks and a forceful manner.

Jasper: What you doin there?

Ian: Nothin.

Jasper: You know the security company will lose their shits if they see you there before lockup.

Ian shrugs.

Jasper give him ‘the look.’

Ian sighs. He jump/climbs clumsily over the banner.

Jasper shuffles up to him.

Jasper: Floor or crapper?

Ian: Floor.

Ian holds his hand out and Jasper hands him the broom.

Jasper: Right, I’m gonna put on me marigolds and tackle the urinals. Wish me luck.

Ian: Luck.

Jasper shuffles out.

Ian watches him go.

Ian looks at the broom. He sighs. He starts to sweep the floor.

Ian pauses. Looks around.

Ian jumps over the barrier. He fails and falls over it.

Ian jumps up quickly. Looks around to make sure no one saw.

Ian holds up the broom in the pose of a rock god. He silent screams.

Ian stops. He laughs silently to himself.

Ian climbs over the barrier. He goes back to sweeping the floor.

Lights fade.


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