#29PlaysLater Brief 11 | Dolly. I

doll with grey eyes and brown hair
Photo by James Sutton on Pexels.com
Night. A car interior.
Brandon gets in the driver’s seat. He is carrying a large box with a blandly staring Dolly visible through the plastic window and a work bag full of tools. We can clearly see a hammer and screwdriver sticking out the bag. He is on his mobile phone. He throw the Dolly and the tool bag onto the back seat.
Brandon: Yes, I… Ye… Look I said I’ve got it. Yes, blonde. Yes, the pink frilly one. Yes, I told… Fuck sake, yes I have the fucking doll and yes, I will be there to pick Brittany up. It’s Christmas for fuck’s sake. I’m not going to leave my mother fucking daughter on the door ste… Sorry. Sorry. Yes, I know. Ok.
Brandon: Hey, baby doll. Yes, I’m excited about Christmas too. Yes, I’m sure Santa’s got all sorts of lovely surprises… Yes, I know mummy is going out tonight. Yes, I’m sure Ian is really lovely. Yes, lovely. Yes. Ok, sweetie, I love you lots and will pick you up in 20 minutes. Ok. Ok. Love you. Can I speak to mummy again?
Brandon blows kisses down the phone.
Brandon: I will be there in 20 minutes. You go and get ready for Ian. Yeah, whatever. Bye.
Brandon hangs up his mobile and throws it on the back seat.
He sighs deeply and starts the car.
He turns on the radio. ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ plays. Brandon sighs.
There is a rustling noise from the back seat.
Brandon checks his mirror, adjusting it.
There is the sound of ripping plastic.
Brandon tries to look in the back seat, swerving slightly as he does so. The sound of his tyres screeching sightly. There is a louder screech and a beep.
Brandon: Fuck.
Brandon straightens up, looking in his mirror.
Brandon begins to relax again. He joins in singing along with the radio.
Over the passenger’s seat, we see Dolly’s head begin to rise into view.
Brandon seeing something in his mirror, look round. As he does so, Dolly ducks.
Brandon puts his eyes back on the road.
Dolly appears in the gap between the passenger and driver seat. She is now holding a screwdriver.
Brandon is singing along with the radio again.
Dolly climbs up the driver’s seat and is now hovering over Brandon’s shoulder. Brandon checks his mirror. He sees Dolly over his shoulder. He turns to look directly at her. Dolly stabs Brandon in the eye with the screwdriver. Brandon screams. There is a massive spurt of blood which covers Dolly, Brandon and the car.
The sound of tires screeching.
The sounds of car horns and shouts.
Lights fade up slowly. Brandon’s body is draped over his steering wheel.
Dolly slowly walks away from the car and exits stage right, leaving a trail of blood behind her.
The sounds of traffic chaos and screaming from other road users builds.

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