#29PlaysLater Brief 12 | Dolly. II

doll with grey eyes and brown hair
Photo by James Sutton on Pexels.com
Day. A large suburban garden.
It’s set up for a children’s birthday party.
The sound of children playing in the background.
A table with a large pile of presents, and a huge birthday cake with a knife, ready to be cut.
Edna, an elegantly ageing woman in a twinset and pearls is sitting by the table, with a white Bichon Frise on her lap. A cup of tea sits at her elbow. She has the pinched look of someone who isn’t enjoying themselves.
Joy, a robust woman on her early 40s, enters.
Joy: Edna, are you sure you won’t join us? We have Prosecco.
Edna: As you know Joy, not a drop has passed my lip since my sainted husband died. God rest his soul.
Joy: He broke his arm and had a fatal reaction to the plaster.
Edna: And your point is?
Joy: Please come and join us. It would mean a lot to Sadie to see her nanna joining in-
Edna: We have spoken about that appalling moniker. I am Edna. She is Sadie. I don’t address her a ‘childie’.
Joy: Yes. Well, if you change your mind-
Edna: I won’t.
Joy: More tea?
Edna: Would it be like the last one?
Joy: Yes.
Edna: Then no thank you.
Joy visibly deflates before pulling her self together. There’s a scream – Joy turn to see what the noise is.
Joy: George. George. Get off that. No. George.
Joy strides off.
Edna sighs. She stokes the dog.
Edna takes a sip of tea. She winces.
There is the sound of ripping plastic. Then ripping paper.
Dolly appears, peering above the mound of presents. She swivels her head and sees Edna. Her head turns again to look at the knife. She slowly goes back down behind the presents.
Dolly appears at the far side of the pile to Edna. She walks up and picks up the knife. She goes back behind the pile of presents.
Dolly appears slows behind Edna’s shoulder.
Dolly jumps into Edna’s lap, stabbing the dog. Edna screams holding the dog up as it sprays her in bloody. Edna flings the dog into the audience.
Dolly has ended up on the seat, holding the knife upwards.
Edna collapses on the seat. There is a wet noise. Edna’s eyes go wide and her mouth forms a silent ‘o’.
Blood trickles down Edna’s seat and pools round her feet. Edna silently keels over and lays still. She has the knife sticking out of her bottom.
A small girl skips on, wearing a party hat and a huge badge which says “birthday girl.” She pauses as she looks round. She sees Dolly covered on blood, walks over and picks Dolly up. The girl smiles widely and hugs Dolly to her. She skips off again.
Lights fade to blackout.

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