#29PlaysLater Brief 13 | Dolly. III

doll with grey eyes and brown hair
Photo by James Sutton on Pexels.com
Day. The aisle of a toy shop. On every shelf taking up the whole aisle are boxes upon boxes of identical Dollies.
Chaz and Makka are pricing up the final few Dollies. Both wear the store uniforms and badges. Both badges have undergone some revision with names crossed out and handwritten ‘Chaz’ or ‘Makka’ scrawled on them. Both have also been decorated.
Chaz has the pricing gun and is sitting on the floor next to a pile of Dollies and a large cardboard box. On top of the box is a pair of scissors.
Makka is standing on a stool and putting the priced Dollies on the higher shelves.
Chaz: So what d’ya do?
Makka: Kneed him in the balls and told him he needed to learn to respect a lady.
Chaz: You’re a dick.
Makka: Well, you’re a dyck.
Chaz: Fag.
Makka: Paki.
Chaz sucks her teeth.
Makka: Too far?
Chaz: There’s no such thing as casual racism.
Makka: Thems big words for you.
Chaz: You are lookin at someone who’s going to Cambridge.
Makka: Ooooo, yeah. I forgot tha. When you going?
Chaz: September.
Makka: If you live that long.
Makka gives his best interpretation of a scary laugh.
Chaz: Twat.
Chaz reaches up and price-guns Makka’s bum.
Makka: Hey. These are my bestest polyester.
Makka steps off the stool and sits down.
Makka: I am gonna miss this yer know. This hole won’t be the same if yer not here.
Chaz: There’ll be holidays. Christmas. Chaz and Makka back together again.
Makka: You know who won’t miss yer?
Chaz: Arkwright?
Both screech with laughter.
Then fall into silence.
Makka: Poor Arkwright.
Chaz: Such a shame about the leg.
Chaz: Oh well. On with the shelves.
Makka: Then off to the balls.
Makka vogues.
Chaz: Get on the bleedin stool.
Makka jumps back on the stool.
Chaz uses the scissors to open the box and pulls out more Dollies.
Chaz goes back to pricing the Dollies and passing them up to Makka who puts them on the shelves.
There is the noise of loudly ripping plastic.
Makka freezes.
Makka: D’you hear that?
Chaz [passing Makky a Dolly]: Shelves. Stack.
They continue to price and stack Dollies.
More sound of plastic ripping.
Makka: No. There. That noise.
Chaz: It’s just Shaz. Arkwright put her on party bags and toys. Here.
Chaz passes up another Dolly. Makka takes it.
Makka starts to perform “Favourite Things” from the Sound of Music. Chaz joins in. Both are singing loudly.
A Dolly falls of the shelf. Makka shreiks.
Chaz: Get over yerself.
Chaz stands up and picks up the Dolly. She pauses.
Chaz: No. No. Oh my godddd-
Chaz thrusts the box up to her face, struggles. Makka shrieks. Gasping, Chaz falls to the floor… Then sits up laughing.
Makka: Yer cow.
Chaz: But I had yer going. You’ve been watching too much Horror Channel.
Chaz hands Makka the Dolly.
At that moment, an arrow hits Makka in the head. He falls to the fall.
Chaz scream.
Another arrow hits her in the backs and comes out the other side. Wordlessly she falls to her knees, looking at her chest as blood squirts from the wound.
Arkwright, a balding, paunchy man with a peg leg, walks on holding a crossbow. He has a manager’s badge with his name on, “Arkwright.”
Arkwright: That’s for the leg, you wankers.
Chaz falls forward.
Arkwright walks up to Chaz and gives her a kick.
Arkwright spits on the body.
Arkwright leaves.
The sound of loud ripping plastic.
A Dolly on the second shelf steps out of her box and looks around. Dolly sees the scissors.
Dolly jumps off the shelf and walks to the scissors. She picks them up. She turns and follows Arkwright.
There is a loud blood curdling scream.
Dolly walks back on, covered in blood. She climbs back to her shelf and gets back into her box.
Slow fade to blackout.

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