29 Plays Later – Challenge 8 – Margarine at the Heartbreak Hotel

Fade In: Vegas. A hotel basement. Florrie stands pointing a gun at Vince. Vince, dressed as Elvis, holds a small Chihuahua, Charlie. Vince holds a gun to Charlie’s head. Florrie Let go of Charlie! The truth is, I’ve despised you since I discovered the truth about you, Frank and the margarine! Vince Look dollface, you’ve…

29 Plays Later – Challenge 6 – OATES: THE COMPILATION MUSICAL

CHALLENGE: Operas… musicals… revues… love ’em or hate ’em – music has been a part of theatre since the very beginning, so why not embrace it? Come on – let’s write something with songs! Maybe the entire play is contained in one long song, maybe the characters are singing for a reason, or maybe… just maybe……

29 Plays Later – Day 4 – Play 4 – MÁTHĒMA

This is deeply weird… And no idea where this came from… My id has a lot to answer for… Also copying and pasting. Formatting is getting weirder but too tired to correct it.   lFx FAde up: SCENE 1 – The Library of alexandria Palladas and Hypatia are in discourse in the Library of Alexandra….

29 Plays Later – Day 3 – Play 3 – SADIE

LIGHTS – Nothing fancy just ordinary house lights: Sadie, 33. She’s nothing if not high energy. Stand infront of a PowerPoint presentation. It’s in stark contrast to Sadie; black navy and white, Mackerith Einsenhower Neuman logos and spiky line charts. Sadie also has her laptop on stage. It’s covered in bright, colourful stickers. SADIE Hi….

29 Plays Later Day 1 & Day 2

Source: 29 Plays Later Day 1 & Day 2 Pondering today’s challenge. It’s a bit more interesting and I want to give it some real thought. But in the meantime my brilliant, articulate friend, Drew, has written his thoughts on the challenge and posted his responses. Please read them. They are well worth your time.

29 Plays Later. Day 1. Play 1. Heart Strings.

First Movement.   A piece of string lies across the width of the stage.   Mae and Victor walk on from opposite sides of the stage. The string runs directly from Victor’s heart to Mae’s.   Mae has her head in a book, as well as a pair of gloves. Victor has his hands in…

29 Plays Later. Day 2. Play 2. Moon Folly.

Anderson, Lee and Kolev are all in bulky space suits. They are standing at the line between the dark side of the moon and the light side. Toes along the line. Kolev has a flag, one side is US and the other is Russian.   Kolev:             Bloody Ruskussians. Always get on everything. Why there no…