Indefinable Terms

So, end of the penultimate week at work.  I am the last one in the air departure lounge (as the 4th Floor has been affectionately termed) and it’s weirdly peaceful.  Seriously considering asking if I can just come and work in here for free in return for my insider knowledge of IASH.

But here is the rub.  I actually don’t want to leave.  I like working and I like going to work (even if this isn’t always physically possible).  I am not necessarily fussed about exactly what work I do.  I am aware that this possibly makes me sound like a bit of a mule.  Maybe I am.  Equally, there is something rather comformting in the knowledge that you are a cog in a hopefully well-oiled machine which in turn oils the cogs of my personal, probably slight less well-oiled, machine.  Nothing which a drop of WD40 wouldn’t cure.

But what is the point of this ramble?  Well, it is a ramble, but also an attempt to communicate something which I can’t altogether put into words.  Which I realise in a massive blogging non-sequiteur. So I will go away and have a think about this…  Honest…

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