Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay

Just realised I didn’t know the lyrics for the song from which I drew my nom de plume.  Brilliantly the lyrics are slightly ironic given the POTS diagnonsis and my personal character.  I might has to force someone to record me performing it…  If I do I will inflict it on you sooner and later.  For your personal well being, I hope for the latter.

A smart and stylish girl you see,
Belle of good society
Not too strict but rather free
Yet as right as right can be!
Never forward, never bold
Not too hot, and not too cold
But the very thing, I’m told,
That in your arms you’d like to hold.
Ta-ra-ra Boom-de-ay! (sung 8 times)
I’m not extravagantly shy
And when a nice young man is nigh
For his heart I have a try
And faint away with tearful cry!
When the good young man in haste
Will support me round the waist
I don’t come to while thus embraced
Till of my lips he steals a taste!
I’m a timid flow’r of innocence
Pa says that that I have no sense,
I’m one eternal big expense
But men say that I’m just “immense!”
Ere my verses I conclude
I’d like it known and understood
Though free as air, I’m never rude
I’m not too bad and not too good!
You should see me out with Pa,
Prim, and most particular;
The young men say, “Ah, there you are!”
And Pa says, “That’s peculiar!”
“It’s like their cheek!” I say, and so
Off again with Pa I go–
He’s quite satisfied–although,
When his back’s turned–well, you know–

from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ta-ra-ra_Boom-de-ay

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