Story for Lucy #2: Bob the Blob

The blob, called Bob, sat and watch the Giraffes ride by on penny-farthings. It
lamented the fact that it had neither a penny-farthings or a legs with which to ride one; a sad state of affairs indeed. And if he did it would make not a jot of difference for he was a blob and as such had not a friend in the world to ride penny-farthings around the park with. So the blob rolled home to it’s sparse little room and cried.

The next morning after a healthy breakfast of grapefruit and washing up liquid, Bob the blob wobbled back down to the park, to his usual bench by the path, where he had a good view of the duck pond. But what was the site which greeted his eyes?! An intruder on HIS bench! And, wonder of wonders, that intruder was an large, slimy yellow blob! At that moment, Bob saw red. He hurtled over to the other blob and started to burp loudly at them. The other blob wobbled and burbled their annoyance and together they created such a cacophony that an
airplane fell out of the sky, landing in the children’s play park. This hurt no one, though annoyed everyone. Soon the blobs we surrounded by an irate crowd. They were shouted at and fingers were jabbed. Soon missiles were thrown, not just stones and rubbish, but genuine warheads, which stung the blobs and made their eyes water.

Soon the blobs were angry. They rose up on their blobby behinds and started to eat their attackers. Soon their was no one left. Bob felt a bit sleepy afert such a heavy meal. The other blob farted. It blushed and apologized politely. Then they looked at each other.

“My name is Bob”, said Bob.

“I’m Phyllis”, said Phyllis.

“Would you like to be my friend?” said Bob.

“Why not,” said Phyllis.

And together they went for a walk round the park before going home for cake and a pot of steaming hot bleach.

The end.

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