Weird morning equals weird day…

Well, I’m feeling listless, trafficking ads for cool looking games/films and
listening to Slade chirrup out “I wish it could be Christmas”. Unfortunately not in person but Spotify is a good surrogate until they reform.

The reason I’m feeling the stark contrast of this weird clash of activity is that this morning I think I witnessed someone die on a train. The usual hustle and bustle of the London Bridge interchange. The flood of self-important
passengers all fighting not to be late to their ‘vital’ work (I’m sure they must
all be brain surgeons or air traffic controllers or God or something along those
lines.) Then a man starts to hold his arm. In a tide of seething, grumpy people. He starts to hyper-ventilate; go a funny colour – sort of a purple-grey. He’s clearly having a heart attack. And no one notices. As he tries to get off the train people push and shove. Pushing him back on the train when he is fighting
for breathe and possibly his life. I’m not sure. I’m still not sure. A couple of
people other than me notice. Try to clear the crowd. Get them off the train. Get some help from a yellow-jersey with a radio. And we couldn’t even get him into the recovery position because people kept pushing onto the train even after a
majority of people had realised what was happening. Whatever we did there was no
room. No floor space. No seats. Just masses and masses of bodies. Eventually the train was cleared. We were asked to stay until the ambulance crew arrived. When they did they wanted to know what had happened. I told them what I saw. Basically, what is written above here. The last I saw of the man they were stripping back his shirt to give him a jolt from shock pads.

The train was canceled; people were annoyed.

I tried to get onto three trains. Finally managed one; only to be elbowed three
times and hard by a woman next to me who clearly thought her right to get onto a train usurped my right to go a day assaulted.

I didn’t ask the man’s name or which hospital he was going to. I don’t regret that. I don;t want to know what has happened. Feel either way that place some call to action or some sort of responsibility to follow-up at my door. I don’t want that.

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  1. drew says:

    a chilling read. i’m glad you helped. did you ever read or hear david foster wallace’s 2005 commencement speech (‘this is water, this is water’). It should be required reading for commuters. In fact, it should just be required reading.


    1. raraboumptier says:

      Thanks Drew. Just read this and posted it. It’s brilliant.


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