Evil plans and other stuff.

So what is all this about I hear you call. Or not more likely.

Well, basically as some of you might know I hit 30 this year. Well, I say hit. It was more like a bullet casually falling out of a cardboard box with all its other bullety friends.

And on a whim, I asked my bullety friends what they thought I should do with my year, asking them to write this down in a conveniently named notebook. All I can say is that I should have know better. I know have a notebook full of weird and largely inconvenient things to do in the next 11 months. There will be listed on this site and I will reflect on what I’ve done, what I am going to do and what I’ve failed miserably at. You lucky, lucky people.

So here’s to a year hopefully full of adventure and wild, wacky japes, as opposed to malaise and flailing disappointment.


Fortune favours the brave…

Which is a real bugger as I’m actually a bit of a wimp. Damn.

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