Without a little help from my friends…

Ok. So the knitting is still merely two balls and some chopsticks as far as I am concerned. I made the mistake of reading the knitting instruction manual and it sort of freaked me out.

What I am rapidly learning is that I am not a doer – at least not on my own. I need minions. Or maybe my own league of evil. Helpful people who do not mind participating in felonious plans. So I have a proposal. I need a band of felons to help me organise myself and take part in various activities. Activites like making a short film, driving combine harvesters and performing the Thriller video.

If this floats your boat, I am thinking of having a regular meeting in a pub to discuss evil plans on the first Thursday of every month until my 31st birthday on 13 January 2013. Those numbers  look slightly scary on ‘paper’. Too many ones and three.


If you wish to sign up either tweet me – @rara_boumptier – comment below or join this facebook group – http://www.facebook.com/groups/253721211401651/

JOIN ME! There will be cake.

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