Two Months and I’m No More Evil

Hmmmmm… I’m rapidly discovering I suck at being evil – apparently being a bit bitchy and crude isn’t the sane thing.

This will make some of you gasp and fall off your chairs – I might actually have to accept I might just be too nice!

It’s like thinking you’re Lady McBeth and discovering you are, in fact, the Nurse. Huge personal sigh.

Anyway, just a brief post to remind you I’m here. And I am still trying to scheme my schemes. Honest.

My recruitment drive bombed. No one wants to be a minion, even a higher up minion. Even if I promise uniform and cake. This too makes me sad.

So I’m nice and sad. But not evil.


More later.

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  1. Mr X says:

    This is a very timely post for me. I, too, fleetingly wish to be more evil! Then I wouldn’t get hurt by bullies, I wouldn’t lose sleep over misunderstandings and I wouldn’t worry about anyone else half as much as I do. I would selfishly coast through life with blissful ignorance and be quite apathetic about who stays close and who wanders off. Of course, being morally aware and virtuous is a very good way to be but transitory fantasies sometimes help us cope! xxx


  2. ajdehany says:

    I’d like to help you be more evil but I’ve got a rehearsal! That’s not very evil is it?

    But, for the nonce, I submit this for you to aspire to:


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