At the end of my knit-wits…

So, again the hand of fate has decided to outwit my plans for world domination through evilness. In fact I like to think that raw evil decided to bubble up through my skin I the form of big pussy boils known commonly as chicken pox. That’s how evil I am – I got the virus at the age of 30 that most people get by the their 8th birthday.

So I have been house bound for three weeks while I have even scabbing over. Fortunately I have had my mum, who is on school holidays, and the Olympics to keep me company. But now he Olympics as finished and I find myself at the mercy of the meagre offerings of BBC iPlayer and the wonderful box set sent to me by a minion.

That’s when my mum decided to do a bit of bonding and teach me ow to knit. And this is the result.

And yes, my jumper is on inside out. I am ill.





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  1. Lisa says:

    Not bad for a first go! Give me a call when you’re ready to start on something other than a scarf – I’ll teach you some REALLY trick stuff! Hope you’re not too itchy x


    1. raraboumptier says:

      Ha ha ha – maybe some time. A scarf seems optimistic, unless it’s for a mouse. Also, you are annoying talented 😉


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