Mutual Mass Debation!

Irregular Gigs presents

Mutual Mass Debation!

(Working Title… Honest…)

New opportunity for people who want to do something with a bit of a twist, just for fun.

I have booked space at the Royal George in Soho where Irregular Gigs will be hosting a debate series. Basically two teams of three people will get five minutes each to put their case about the motion in whatever way they feel best represents their point. This is followed by a cross floor debate (otherwise known as a bloody great row), questions from the audience and then a vote on the winner. And I will be sitting in the middle looking quizzical.

23 Feb 6:30 for 7:00: “Women in Comedy? Don’t make me laugh!” Motion – this house believe that women in comedy just aren’t as funny as men.

23 March 6:30 for 7:00: “Alternative Comedy is dead. Long live Alternative Comedy” Motion: This house believes that Alternative Comedy no longer exists.

27 April 6:30 for 7:00: Topic TBC

There is no money in this for anyone. There is only the glory of winning a debate, that won’t change anything but will be bloody good fun.

Email me at with The date and debate in the title. In the body put whether you are for or against the motion and a couple of lines on why and/or what you think you would bring to the debate.

Anyone want to take part but not confident enough? I used to be a teacher and run the debate team – pretty darn successfully, if I say so myself. Thinking about running a debate session either one evening/weekend if anyone is interested. Anyone on one of the teams would obviously be able to attend for free. Anyone else, it would literally be room cover charge divided by the participants. Would be early Feb.

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