My mum dreams the weirdest things. The best

My mum dreams the weirdest things. The best part of this is that she gets weirded out for days by them. She once refused to talk to my dad for a couple of days because in a dream he had sat on her purple bouclé hedgehog dog. So here is her most recent and possibly my favourite:

Right so I was in Nazi Germany the other day, though I think it was Salzburg, as there were lots of Julie Andrews, and there was this man filling his trousers with black pudding. Lots and lots of black pudding. And he’d gaffer taped up the legs of his trousers so the black pudding couldn’t fall out. Which I thought was sensible. No one wants to walk around with their sausage hanging out their trousers. And when I asked him why was he getting so much black pudding. He said its on the shopping list? His? No Schindler’s. and with that he jumped in the Rhine and floated away. Turns out black pudding is a superb buoyancy aid.

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