Expanding the Plan

So you’ve seen what I am up against, how I am to prepare for world domination. Think you can do better? Then add to the plan. Send me your suggestions of things I should do before I age another year. If I think it’s good then it will be added to the book.

A few rules:

Whatever you suggest must not endanger me or anyone else.
It cannot involve marriage, children or anything illegal.
Please do not be prohibited by cost, but please be aware that this may come into play when deciding whether or not to attempt a task. However, if you wish to sponsor anything then feel free.

So get scheming, pop-pickers!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. emma b says:

    Space hopper down a slide wearing a cape


    1. raraboumptier says:

      Sounds like a broken arm in the making… But oddly compelling… Maybe after a bit of Dutch courage… Hmmm…


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