Too ambitious for my first attempt at knitting…?

Though few of my evil plans are yet to come to fruition, please do not think my brain is idle. In fact quite to opposite. Plans for new shows, cakes and various outdoor pursuits are more that bubbling away, so keep looking back at this blog for details on all these events as I make them happen.

However, I am thinking about the ‘KNIT SOMETHING’ part of my evil plan and couldn’t help but do some research into what exactly it is I want to waste my time making. This is where the Knit the City collective comes in. They are famous for knitting a Phonebox cosy, amongst various other pieces of guerilla graffiti style knitting. Not that I expect to be able to knit a phone box on my first attempt. It’s a bit of an odd shape after all. So maybe a park bench cover…? Who knows. I will keep you posted.


Courtesy of the Knit the Citt Collective

One Comment Add yours

  1. Alan says:

    Fantastic, that phonebox does indeed look cosy.
    Can you knit me something – I seem to be cold all the time!


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