estee-janssens-396887.jpgSo, to remind you the rezes are my decision to try to make things better a little bit at a time.

January’s first batch of rezes was:

1) stop smoking before 11am.

2) unsubscribe from annoying emails using combination of Unroll.Me and pure Mann-powered determination.

3) stop using the word ‘busy’.

Rezes 2 & 3 have been largely successful. Point one is an ongoing work in progress, though by and large I have massively cut down on the cigarettes, with the exception of a couple of days last week. Work inspired smoking seems to be a thing for me, so maybe it’s a good thing that I am due a change of desk-monkey venue in a couple of months time. If nothing else, I need to have fewer Polyps next time I revisit the bowl-o-scope.

So Feburezes… Slightly trickier. My big goals for this year are pretty meaty so trying to break them down are designed to be more manageable. This is sometimes however, disheartening, as they seem like such a drop in the ocean. But sticking to goals is part of the point.


  1. Change job with grace and kindness, without killing myself on work I will never complete or see to fruitition. This was an accidental one, but once I decided to follow through on an approach from a recruiter. The whole process was weird, not because it was unpleasant or scary, but more because I wasn’t at the point where I was thinking “f**k I need to get out of here” or anything remotely linked. I had niggles and anxieties around some areas of the work and the business but was largely pretty happy. I’m lucky to have some ace people around me. But then I got the job and spent a week in shock before deciding 100% to make the break. Now that is done, and it seems half the agency knows (#hotgossip), I want to complete my notice period being mindful that I leave a team for excellent humans behind me, and I want to make sure all the work is in a good place, but do so without sacrificing any sense of work-life balance.
  2. Inspired by some kind words from a super human (@rafayagha ), I’m gonna trust my gut a bit more. If there’s the opportunity, I am going to write down what my instincts are telling me and read them back. Or just air my thoughts, preferably in a way where I can back it up. Weirdly my hurrah-scope is telling me exactly the same thing. BE GONE FOUL SELF_DOUBT!
  3. Stop buying pointless sh*t I don’t need. I was doing really well at this. Then I got sick and ASOS emailed me about Klarna (which is the new try-before-you-buy service) and judgement went out the window. I realise I buy a lot when I am sick and house bound, whereas when I am well the money burns on things like food. Because I am out, and who needs to be surrounded by Capitalist commodities when you are out. Downside is that I spend a lot of time window shopping online, adding things to baskets, then getting harassment emails that I have to unsubscribe to. #modernlife Easiest way to stop buying stuff is to follow the ten day rule. If you can go ten days without buying it (ie adding it to an e-comm basket and then leaving it there) you probably don’t need it and, so far, I have found very unlikely to still think it’s a great purchase. So far it’s stopped me spending 100s of dollars on Kim Chi merch, a metric shit-ton of Etsy jewellery and a lot of books on Amazon that will just be added to the piles of other books I’ve bought on Amazon but still haven’t managed to read.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Natasa Tintor says:

    Firstly I like this idea of mini resolutions. When I have a functioning brain again I will do the same – though either way my March one will be not to kill my sister while I’m home.

    Secondly, new job? Give me details.


    1. Sarah Mann says:

      Hey chica! Ha ha ha. I would also appreciate you not committing sororicide at home. It’s a long way to visit you in prison and Josh will get arrested at the boarder when he simply has to explain to the police that they cake in your likeness contains an iron file which he was going to deliver to you via a drone surrounded by a distracting sound and lazer show. Which is why he needs that name of the closest dry ice store. Again.

      Job front, the indie agency named after the pub. Same job, just change of scenery. Beginning to get excited 😀


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