#29PlaysLater | All the plays… and a bit of a confessions

So, it’s that time of year again. February rolls around – aka the “short” month – and people everywhere decide to make it feel that much longer by draining their light-starved brains of what little post-winter energy may remain by writing a play EVERY-SINGLE-DAY. What’s even weirder is that *some* people sign up to do this year on year. Like Sisyphus rolling that boulder, I’ve signed up again for 2020, thinking it might be a pleasant diversion from the twin hells of work and home.

And it is. It really is. Actually, this year I am getting genuine pleasure from bashing out pages of unjustifiable rubbish. I’m the Barbara Cartland of Croydon right now, and I won’t have a word said against the moniker.

However, and this is where my confession comes in, I am not really doing #29PlaysLater the way I normally would. The usual way is 36 hrs to put semi-coherent words on a page under the guise of something which could be staged, albeit by a mad person. But not this year. This year the virus daemon that’s been living with me since December, decided to kick off again, spinning me round the loop with fever and weird dreams for a “good” 48 hrs. Coming to my senses, I decided that I simply had to get my first play in, only to find that I had missed the deadline for submission. By an hour. Which was disappointing, if nothing else because I was convinced it was 11am on 1st February and was dead chuffed with myself for getting in early.

I tend to believe these things happen for a reason and I’ve actually loved the flexibility of the “creative” route. My goal now is just to try to write all the plays in the month but at my own pace, in my own order. It means I can mull over and arrange work in my head before sputtering it out in MS Word. It’s actually delightful. Some days, no plays. Other days, five. So fingers crossed the verve continues, I knock everything out before the last submission closes and that the National Theatre realises everything it’s been missing out on for the last 15 years.

All the plays for 29 Plays Later 2020 (work in progress):

#29PlaysLater Brief 1 | The Song That Never Ends

#29PlaysLater Brief 2 | Pain of Parting

#29PlaysLater Brief 3 |Karen Cures Fear of Work

#29PlaysLater Brief 4 | The Department

#29PlaysLater Brief 5 | Spotlight

#29PlaysLater Brief 6 | Art

#29PlaysLater Brief 7 | Ecossaise

#29PlaysLater Brief 8 | The Beatification of Saint Schoffie

#29PlaysLater Brief 9 | Brexit for Kids

#29PlaysLater Brief 10 | The Snip

#29PlaysLater Brief 11 | Dolly. I

#29PlaysLater Brief 12 | Dolly. II

#29PlaysLater Brief 13 | Dolly. III

#29PlaysLater Brief 14 | Be my Valentine

#29PlaysLater Brief 15 | Plain/Plane Text

#29PlaysLater Brief 16 | Irene

Brief Seventeen – TBC

#29PlaysLater Brief 18 | Unfathomable

#29PlaysLater Brief 19 | Fathomable

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